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It started with one small comment… then a snarky response.

Here we go again. Shots have been fired. The same old argument. They couldn’t just let it go, could they?

You try to tell them you don’t want to fight. Next thing you know, you’re standing in the garage, whisper yelling, so the kids don’t hear you.

You’re so mad, you can feel it all over your body. Head buzzing, seeing red. How dare they say that to you? You fire back something you know will get under their skin, feeling both better and worse at the same time.

“How can we even stay together after a fight like that?” But also, “We can’t get divorced!”

For better or worse. You meant your vows when you said them. What the hell has happened to us?!

Are you just not meant to be together?

Sure, it’s been many years, and you’ve built an otherwise great life together – stable careers, lovely house, good vacations, and a few extras.

So why does it feel like they hate you? And sometimes, you kind of hate them.

You know you’re not perfect either. There are things you can change. But, at the very least, you want to feel like your spouse likes you.

This marriage needs help.

Get back to Head Over Heels Love

The kind of love where you can’t keep your hands off each other.

Okay, maybe not quite that far, you have responsibilities now! But a new version of that.

You want to feel like you have a life partner. To enjoy what you’ve built together and feel in love again.

Make Love, Not War

This is where I step in. This is marriage therapy on steroids.

First, we’ll figure out if you want to save this marriage.

Then, I’ll show you how by teaching you the stuff that works and steering you away from the stuff that doesn’t. We create strategic plans for fixing your communication, fighting, and building back your connection.

This is a solution-focused, actionable type of therapy that gets your relationship back on track so you can enjoy life again. This is not your typical couples counseling. This is effective couples counseling that offers change quickly!

“If two people love each other, nothing is impossible,
except deciding where to eat…”

Corrin Voeller, LMFT

If you’re ready to go from haters to lovers, from pissed off to
turned on, and from cold-shouldered to warmly embraced, you
need to give Corrin a call today: (763) 412-6983.

We’ll schedule a 15-minute free consultation to explain how to get started.

Hey, I’m Corrin!

Two things that I love doing are saving relationships from divorce and helping couples have better sex.

I help my clients improve communication, create closer connections, fight less, see eye-to-eye more, and enrich their sex lives! When we strengthen our relationships, we improve all areas of our lives!

My specialties are working with couples considering divorce, non-monogamy, recovering after an affair, and couples in crisis. I’m proud to be poly and kink-friendly and an LGBTQIA+ ally.

Worried therapy will be weird?

You can’t picture yourself sitting in front of a freaking stranger and getting all lovey-dovey?

First, it rarely gets like that. Second, my personality is like the result of a pageant queen and a dirty sailor having a baby. Some weird form of an upbeat, optimistic, girly-girl who keeps it real, cracks jokes, and has an affinity for swearing.

Add in an obsession with relationships and learning about them for 20 years… this job was made for me!