Online Counseling

A dog’s perspective

Things seem weird – but good weird.

The tall one with the deep voice is talking more than he usually does.

He’s looking at her – that’s good. That’s new.

The short one with the high voice seems relieved – she’s smiling a lot more.

I like it when she smiles. It makes my tail wag.

Oof! She just looked at me! I’m going to mosey over and make her pet me – she can’t resist it when I turn on the charm.

Oooooooohhhh yeahhhhh, that feels good. Right behind the ear! Heaven!

Wait!!! Why’d she stop? Better nudge her hand with my nose. She’ll start again.

Hmmm. Just a pitiful little scratch.

She’s distracted. Lemme roll over on my belly and tap her feet with my tail, so she won’t forget I’m here.

What’re they looking at, anyway?

Ohhhhh. That little box thing they’re always pushing on with their fingers. They sit and stare at that thing together often now.

Somebody else’s voice keeps coming out of it. I can’t smell a bone anywhere, but they really seem to like it. At least they’re sitting closer together and talking more.

A dog’s memories

I hated what used to happen – before they started talking to this little box every week.

She was sad every day. They didn’t talk much.

We used to go for fun walks together every day. They loved playing with me and laughed when I did tricks and goofed around. We were all really happy back then.

But then, something happened. Everything changed.

We still went for walks, but only one of them would come with me. If they both came, it wasn’t a fun walk anymore.

I tried all my usual games, tricks, and my best pouty face to get them to laugh and play; but no matter what I did, nothing worked.

It wasn’t the same.

She spent a lot of time on the couch – and even wanted me to jump up on the upholstery so we could cuddle. I liked that, but sometimes, I could feel her crying. I tried to make her happy, so I brought her my favorite chew toys. She’d smile at me a little, but not the way she used to.

He spent a lot of time outside with me before they started talking to the box. I love going out, but his heart wasn’t in it. At the park, he’d sit on a bench and stare at his phone – the whole time!

Even when I’d drop the ball at his feet, the throw would not be a good one. He used to hurl it to the other side of the field, but he barely chucked it a few yards. It didn’t seem like he cared much anymore.

A dog’s happiness

Boy, am I glad they’ve started talking to that box – even if she sorta misses my itchy spots when she tries to scratch and speaks at the same time.

Our days are much better now – they smile and hug – and kiss – more. I like that because then I bark and try to jump in between them. This makes them laugh, and we play!

Our walks are fun again, and now, we all sprawl out together on the couch. Well, sometimes, I get the couch, and one of them sits on the floor, but that’s how it should be.

Say, I’d better get up and try him. His hands are just resting there, lazily on his lap while he talks! He can put them to much better use!

I’ll nose my way up under one of them and rest my head on his lap. That usually works. Ahhhhhhhhh, there we go. Much, much better… maybe even better than it was before.

Talking to the box

Online therapy is the same as in-person therapy – maybe even more convenient than coming into the office.

We meet for the same time, and you’ll accomplish the same relationship transformations; only we do it through video.

It’s simple. All you need is a cell phone or laptop, an Internet connection, and some privacy.

Here’s how it works:

At the time of your appointment, type into your web address bar, and my telehealth page will appear.

Type in your name and click “Join Waitroom.”

When everyone is present, the video will start.

It’s a snap – no downloading apps or creating log-ins or accounts.

It’s convenient.

No more struggling through traffic or trying to squeeze in time for a session during lunch or after work.

Experiencing therapy in your own home’s comfort will allow you to open up more authentically and create lasting change for your relationship.

Get started with online therapy today.

Give me a ring, and let’s begin. (763) 412-6983