A sexologist is someone who helps people understand and accept themselves as sexual beings through counseling and education. Sex therapy can be done individually or as a couple. This counseling focuses on your sexuality as an integral part of who you are as a person.

My work is sex positive which means that I take a broad approach to understanding your sexuality without preconceived ideas of what your sexuality should be like. We will consider biology, psychology, history, and social constructs when addressing sexual issues and your goals. It laymen’s terms, this means I don’t ever judge you and we figure out how to achieve your goals.

How do we do this?
1) We identify what you would like to achieve/improve.
2) We figure out what has stood in your way before.
3) We create methods that will work for you to reach your goals.

Often, a lot of this work is busting up old beliefs and reprogramming how you think about sex. (Hint: you are normal.) Then we adjust your environment to make it easier for you to tap into your sexual side and enjoy it.

This is often shorter term therapy as we tackle goals straight away. If you are interested in sex therapy, please send me an email by clicking here.