How Do You Know When You Need Couples Counseling?

October 10, 2018


It's hard to know when you need couples counseling because for each couple, this is going to look different.  Sometimes I have couples who have started counseling because they just want to get closer, even though they have a pretty good relationship.  I have some couples that rarely fight and openly and easily say they love each other but they just have one thing they argue about and they'd like to get that resolved.   Other couples I have in counseling barely speak to each other and anytime they are around the other person, they feel tense, cold and awkward.  They often try to be in a different room in the house.  If she's in the kitchen, he will be in the living room.  If he's in the basement, she will be in the bedroom.   Other couples fight so much and so frequently that it's almost always a fight when they try to talk.   


So as you can see, couples counseling can be helpful no matter where your relationship is at.   We all have different tolerance levels.   Some people will go to the doctor for a head cold and others will only go in if they think they might die.    I would like to see you before your relationship is about to die.  But if it feels like you are dying in your relationship, now is definitely the time to come in.  


Couples are able to improve on their relationship no matter where they are at.  We can improve communication, create plans on how to handle arguments, discuss and define roles and expectations, create a closer connection, increase intimacy, encourage better sex, and even learn how supporting each partner as an individual helps the couple thrive.  


If you are considering couples counseling, anytime is a good time to start.  Anything can be improved on and I would love to see you.   If you're just curious, reach out!  I'm always happy to hear from people and never pressure anyone to start something they aren't ready for.  Everyday I talk to someone new and listen to what's going on for them and offer some encouragement.  Sometimes they start couples counseling and sometimes they don't.  I still love talking to them.   So please, let me know what's going on for you.  I'm here.



Corrin Voeller is a relationship therapist.  She specializes in doing couples counseling, intensive couples counseling, discernment counseling and sex therapy in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  She lives with her husband, kids and extremely fat dog.  


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