What to Expect in Therapy

May 15, 2018

An Educational Post (said in my teacher voice)




Hey friends!  I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what you can expect in sessions with me.  In case you are thinking about making an appointment, you probably want to know a little bit about how to make an appointment and what happens after so let's talk about it.



Who This Therapy is For 


First, let's talk about who would benefit from working with me.  Well, that's anyone having any sort of relationship troubles.   That can be people who overall have a pretty good relationship and they are looking to make things better.  Maybe that's you.  Someone who is generally happy with the way things are going and you would like to improve communication or learn how to have great sex.   


On the other end of the spectrum are people who are miserable in their relationship.  So miserable that they aren't sure if they should be in it anymore.  They might think a weight will be lifted off if they just end it.  Things have gotten so confusing and bad that they aren't sure it's possible to fix.  


And anyone in between.  Maybe there is a lot of fighting in the relationship.  You guys never see eye-to-eye and there is a lot of yelling, but overall you know this is who you want to be with.   Other people have stopped fighting but there is a ton of resentment, boiling under the surface, that comes out in snide comments and nasty remarks.  Neither of you want to live this way but trying to air out the resentment never gets you guys anywhere.  


So anyway, long story short is that I work with relationships.  Anyone who is in a relationship and wants it improved.  We can do individual work and/or couples work.

How to Make an Appointment 


Alright, so now you are thinking "Yup, that's me.  What's next?"  Next step is to make an appointment.  You can do this in two different ways.


1) Schedule an appointment with the online scheduler


Click on the giant "book now" button that follows you around the site (obnoxious, I know) and then choose the length of appointment you would like.  Your options are 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 2 hours.  (I highly recommend 2 hour appointments for couples.  We can get so much done in a 2 hour appointment.  Usually a couple just starts to get in the groove at the one hour mark.  But it's your choice!) 


Then it will take you to a calendar with all of the available appointment times, select the time that works for you and bam! You are set.  You have a scheduled appointment.




2) Send me a message


Click any of the contact me buttons on the site.  Let me know you would like to schedule an appointment and what length of appointment you would like (1 hr, 1 and 1/2 hour or 2 hour) and if you want in-person or online.  Then I will send you a list of options and you will choose what works best for you.  


After your session is booked, I will send you some paperwork to fill out electronically before the first appointment.  It's not too much and it can all be done on a computer or phone.  So quick and easy! 


But what if I want to talk to you first?


Yes!  You are so welcome to!  I love to hear from people.  Sometimes they will email me and request a time to chat on the phone.  So we'll schedule a 15 minute chit-chat.  Or sometimes people will want to chat through email and tell me a bit about what's going on for them and see if I can help them.  Either way is awesome and I love meeting new people.  A lot of times, people feel a little better after just taking that first step.  



First Session


Now that you have your first session booked and your paperwork filled out, what happens in the first session?


In Person


If your session is in person, you come to my office at the start of the session.  It looks like this on the outside:

(The exterior is getting a much needed face-lift soon thanks to new building owners, woohoo!)


There is ample parking out front.  You will come in the door and head straight up the stairs and take a small left and our door is right there.   I share the office with a good friend and her practice is called Ampersand Counseling.  So you will see some signs that say Prosper Therapy and some that say Ampersand Counseling.  It shouldn't be too confusing.


 Here's our waiting room. 

 Take a seat.  Help yourself to some beverages and snacks.  I will meet you out in the waiting area at the start of our appointment.  


Here is the inside of the office where the appointment will take place:




Online Therapy


If you have booked an online therapy session, you will need to download the app Zoom either on your computer or phone.  The app is free.  Before our session, I will set-up the meeting within the app and email you the meeting ID number. 


At the start of our session, you can join the meeting in one of two ways.  

1) Type in the meeting ID number and join the meeting, wait for me to join it as well if I am not there yet.


2) At the start of the session, I will send you a request for you to join the meeting.  You click the request and you are added.


Start of Session


When we meet, we'll start off with introductions and I will give you a chance to ask any questions you might have before we jump in.  


Nervous?   Don't be!  I get why but please know that I take serious pride in my ability to make people comfortable in therapy.  Things I've heard from my clients are "wow, I didn't realize this would be so easy," and "that was just like chatting with a friend," and "you made me laugh and feel so much better already."  (That last one was in the first session! Yay!) 


During the session, I will ask you a series of questions and take a few notes.  What I am doing is building the story of what is going on in your relationship.   I am looking for patterns and opportunities for improvement.  I will share with you my thoughts on what I think is happening and what things need to be adjusted so this relationship meets both parties needs.  Then we will start making changes right then and there.  I will show you how to do things differently in a positive way.  Most people leave feeling better, more positive and hopeful about the future, and like they were heard and understood. 


What's Awesome About This Method of Therapy


Traditional therapy focuses on the problems within the relationship.  The what happened, the why, the intent, etc.  It goes over the problems again, and again, and again.  I've found that to be kind of defeating.  This method of therapy will go over what has happened with your relationship in order to know what isn't working.  Then it focuses on the future.  What are the possibilities within your relationship?  How can we build a relationship that makes you both feel good?  Sometimes we need to repair some things that have happened in the past and we will.  We will also make changes and highlight the potential that is there.  



You deserve a good relationship.  I believe people can change.  Most likely, no one taught us how to have a good relationship.  No one taught us how to communicate.  No one taught us how to have pleasurable sex.  It was all just assumed you would figure it out once you got there.   Most likely, you, like the rest of us got there and messed things up a bit. 


Well I am here to tell you, it doesn't need to be this way.  I can help you have a great relationship and better sex.  You can be as happy as the ridiculously happy people in these stock photos.   The potential is there, we just need to tap it.  

Your Turn


Whew!  I thought this would be a short, little post and then found myself saying "well maybe they want to know this, and maybe that..." So it became quite long.   You made it to the end.  I just want to say that I am ready to meet you and now you know what to do.  When you are ready, let's get started.  Talk to you soon! 



Corrin Voeller is a relationship therapist in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  She does in-person and online counseling and coaching with couples and individuals to improve the relationships in their lives.  She lives with her husband, children, and extremely fat dog.  

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