Sex Therapy

Healthy emotional and physical intimacy is vital for a strong relationship.  Many couples find themselves on different pages regarding their desire for sex or are experiencing problems in the bedroom which can affect overall satisfaction in your relationship.  Sex therapy can help.

We will address healthy sexual behaviors, create a plan for enhancing desire and intimacy, and undo negative thoughts/patterns that were holding you back from experiencing a fun, enjoyable and satisfying sex life.

Porn Use

Many people contact me for excessive porn use.  Whether you deem it excessive or your partner does, it can get in the way of healthy sexual expression.  While I don't believe in porn addiction in the classical sense, we do address porn use to assure that it feels like it enhances your sex life and doesn't control it.  

Sex therapy can also address:

Infidelity/affairs/cheating, pain with intercourse, lack of desire or interest in sex, improving communication about sex, overcoming past sexual abuse or trauma, enhancing current sex life, resuming sex after baby, troubling fantasies, non-monogamy/open relationships, exploring sexual orientation or gender identity, poly relationships, kink, among others.  


Please note: I pride myself on my non-judgmental nature especially when it comes to sex.  Perhaps you have been burned in the past by a provider and their own agenda and I want you to know that will not happen here.  All are welcome. 


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