The type of therapy I provide is high-quality and effective.  It can be done on your own or as a couple.  We get results both ways.


It is tailored to offer you the best results in the shortest amount of time.  When you have pain in your life, whether it is relationship troubles, sex issues, parenting struggles, etc., you want to get this pain fixed as fast as possible.  You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life.  You want to work with a couples counselor that you know you will see results.  


The quality of your relationships impacts the quality of your life.  When you feel like your relationship isn't working, it can feel like everything in your life is falling apart, even if it isn't. 


You have reached a point where you are beyond frustrated and hurt, and your partner just doesn't get it.  Sometimes it can feel like you don't even recognize the person sleeping next to you.  Sex is dull, or not what it used to be.  Maybe you're stressed out to the max with everything else that you can't even think about sex.  Or you miss sex, and who you used to be, but it seems like everything has changed and you don't know how to get it back.  Maybe you want to be connected again but you don't know where to start, or sometimes there is so much resentment there and past wrongs that you aren't even sure that you want to start. 


I understand what this is like and I can help you.  I help my clients find their way forward and heal.  I help them cultivate the possibilities of a fulfilling and prosperous relationship and sex life.  My goal is for my clients to leave each session feeling better, more connected and in control, and ready and able to make changes so they aren't in therapy forever.    Choose Prosper Therapy if you are ready for things to get better now. 

One of my specialties is therapy for men, especially men connected to parenting in some way.  I've worked with many men on improving their relationship with their partners and their children.  This has transformed all of their lives. 

Services offered at Prosper Therapy to heal relationship issues:

Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling

Discernment Counseling

Individual Therapy

Sex Therapy










Offering: couples therapy, marriage counseling, sex therapy, individual therapy for men, individual therapy for women, discernment counseling, family therapy, and relationship help.

Specialties include: sex therapy, men's issues, discernment counseling (deciding whether or not to stay in a relationship), relationship issues, perinatal time (pregnancy, postpartum, new parents).

Serving the Twin Cities area: St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Edina, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Golden Valley, New Hope, Crystal, Wayzata, Orono and more in Minnesota. 



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