Premarital Counseling

Everybody’s doing it…

“Who’s your premarital counselor? Ours was great!”

“How’s your premarital counseling going?”

So everyone has been telling you to seek premarital counseling to prepare for your upcoming wedding, right?

You think you have a good relationship, and you guys don’t really need it.

What if?

What if it brings up things that aren’t even a big deal and creates a fight?

You respect therapy and understand how it helps others, but fighting has never even been a problem for you as a couple.

It seems silly to spend money on something like this when you have a wedding to pay for; we all know those ain’t cheap!

And yet…

A part of you is curious, too.

You tend to disagree in some areas – maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to hash those things out, so you two can enjoy your marriage.

It’s hard to imagine the whole premarital counseling thing.

Can it really help?

What would it be like?

I usually meet with couples for five hour-long sessions.

During each one, we tackle all the major topics you’ll encounter during your marriage.

With my expert guidance, you’ll learn how to handle conflict fairly – to have effective conversations that bring you closer together and unite you in moving forward and in creating your shared life.

No Stone Unturned

We don’t shy away from anything, no matter how tricky – in-laws, children, holidays, vacations, and other family issues.

We discuss expectations about finances, household duties, careers and goals, sex, and religion.

And we’ll even broach areas such as your secrets, substance abuse, and default days.

Along the way, we’ll also incorporate my relationship hacks – tools you can use for improving communication and preventing arguments as your relationship develops.

Conversing with Sarah and Chris

Sarah and Chris felt as you might – they were positive they didn’t need counseling when they came in.

But their officiant insisted they try it, so they set up their first session. To be honest, they didn’t need counseling in the traditional sense, but wow, did it improve their relationship tenfold!

They came to me thinking they were well aligned on many of these topics – only to discover they had some strikingly different perspectives.

Was this epiphany a deal-breaker? Definitely not!

After having these conversations and using what they’d learned in therapy, they had a greater understanding of what they each considered important, and how both their thought processes worked.

At the end of their time with me, they left excited to embrace all these topics in real life. In fact, they didn’t want to stop counseling because the sessions brought them even closer together.

Eventually, we designed a way for them to continue having these conversations and experiences on their own.

Designing your own toolbox.

Getting married is one of the most beautiful times in life. But it’s also challenging.

It’s vitally important to go into it fully aware and equipped with the right tools to handle anything.

That way, you’ll be prepared to crush life’s challenges – together.

Create the ultimate foundation.

Ready to prepare for your wedding in the best way possible? To build on what’s already there to ensure the strongest possible foundation?

Your relationship deserves the best chance, and so do you.

Call me – let’s get you started: (763) 412-6983.