Perinatal refers to the time in your life that is connected to child bearing.  It's a vague term for a reason.  It needs to capture the vast amount of different experiences that everyone has when it comes to child bearing. 

|  This is a specialty of mine: perinatal mental health |

I have worked with many women, and their partners, during this time in their life.  I have a certificate in maternal mental health and have done a lot of training and reading in this area.  To self-disclose, I have also had several pregnancies myself, gone through several rounds of IVF, and am raising children.  I understand the unique struggles that occur during these years both personally and professionally.  


As part of my work in this area, I especially enjoy bringing in the partner's of perinatal women.  (Therapy for men is a specialty of mine.)  I truly believe that the relationships in our lives effects the quality of our lives.  When you have close, strong connections with others, and when you feel loved and cherished by your partner, it is life changing.   


The type of therapy I do is direct and honest and action-oriented.  It gives my clients the tools to make changes immediately.  We work on having the other person understand our experience, improve communication, find ways to connect and strengthen our relationship so it is more fulfilling, adjust schedules so both partners feel like they are in this together, improve their sex life (not necessarily more sex, but definitely better), and many other areas of improvement.  

If you are in the perinatal period, or if your partner is, and you are having troubles, I can help.

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So what is the perinatal period?

The different categories of the perinatal period are:

  • You are in the age-range in which you could have a pregnancy (basically 13'ish-45'ish)

  • You want to get pregnant but you aren't currently trying 

  • You are actively trying not get pregnant

  • You are trying to get pregnant

  • You are currently pregnant

  • You are having trouble getting pregnant 

  • It is taking you longer than you want to get pregnant 

  • You are doing infertility treatments (ex: IUI's, IVF, ovulation prediction, hormone therapy)

  • You are postpartum (this is any time range from just giving birth to 2 years after birth, and some professionals, including me, say this is just anytime after having been pregnant, from 1 second after to 20 years later, because a pregnancy has changed you and those effects are felt a long, long time after)  

  • You have experienced a miscarriage, abortion, or still-birth

  • You are a surrogate

  • And any other experience as it relates to child-bearing

(Other terms for this perinatal period that I'm referring to are pregnancy, child-bearing years, postpartum, maternal, motherhood, etc.  I'm sure there are more that I'm missing but you get the point. )

Offering: couples therapy, marriage counseling, sex therapy, individual therapy for men, individual therapy for women, discernment counseling, family therapy, and relationship help.

Specialties include: sex therapy, men's issues, discernment counseling (deciding whether or not to stay in a relationship), relationship issues, perinatal time (pregnancy, postpartum, new parents).

Serving the Twin Cities area: St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Edina, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Golden Valley, New Hope, Crystal, Wayzata, Orono and more in Minnesota. 


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