I use a type of therapy that is action-focused, utilizing proven methods for getting into the root causes of what’s occurring in your relationship. We tackle these issues head on, navigating between emotions and thoughts, looking for not only understanding but also “what are we going to do about it?”

Our collective goal is to improve your relationship. Can that happen through endless one-hour weekly sessions of talking about the problems? Yes. But I prefer a more dynamic approach.

I believe modern couples are looking for modern solutions. So I offer two unique options in the world of couples counseling. Intensives and discernment.

A Couples Intensive Session:
These appointments are scheduled for 3 hours. They give us the opportunity to dig deep into the relationship and figure out what has happened. We use a clear framework of communication that helps each person feel seen and heard by the other. The goal is for clarity, understanding and a clear path moving forward. They are scheduled as one time appointments, however more than one appointment can be scheduled if they couple chooses at the end of the session to schedule another.

Discernment Counseling:
This is a short-term, highly structured process that helps the couple decide what to do moving forward. The first session is 2 hours long and follows a predetermined schedule which is broken into 3 parts. The first 45 minutes, we meet all 3 together. During this time, I ask the couple a list of specific questions and each person answers each question. This helps them take a birds-eye-view of the relationship, where it started, where it’s been and where it is currently. Then I send one person out of the room and meet individually with one person for 45 minutes. During this time, we’re doing a deep-dive into their experience in the relationship with the goal of determining what they would like to do and what they would like to communicate to the other person. I help them create that message they’d like to communicate, we bring the other person back in the room and deliver the message. Then we switch and do the same process with the other person, create the message and bring the other back into the room and communicate it. Then the last 10 minutes, we wrap up by reviewing what we’ve covered during the session and what decision has been made so far. This is a short-term process, the couple can do between 1-5 sessions.

If you want to learn more about either of these options, send me a message today.