“Should I Stay, or Should I Go?”.

Figure out what to do with your marriage, in as little as one session.

Discernment Counseling in St. Louis Park and online.

“We’re stuck going over the same arguments.”

It feels like you’ve hit a wall with this relationship. Things couldn’t possibly seem worse between you two.

It feels like you barely know each other at this point.

You are unhappy in your marriage. You’ve asked for what you need and haven’t seen any changes.

Whenever you try to talk about what you need, they shift the blame back on to you.

So you end up going in circles.

Talking about 10 different things all at the same time.

It leaves you feeling frustrated and helpless. It feels like you’ll never figure this out.

When did it get this hard?

Looking around at your friends’ relationships, it seems like they all have it figured out. They seem happy together.

They do nice things for each other and get along better than you guys ever have. You can’t help but compare.

And yet, you still aren’t sure if you want to leave. There’s so much history between the two of you.

Everything in your life would change if you got a divorce.

Where would you live? Could you even afford it?

You have all the same friends. Missing holidays and events with their family and picturing them not at yours immediately makes you feel nauseous.

You’d also miss them.

Not the person they are when you’re fighting. But you’ll miss the little moments like when they give you a cup of coffee or when you see them making the kids laugh.

You just wish you could figure it out. It’s like you need a roadmap. Someone to walk you through how to figure out what to do.

And that is exactly what Discernment Counseling does.

Discernment Counseling helps you figure out what you should do with your relationship.

It is a very structured form of counseling that walks you through your relationship, from where it started to where it’s at now – and what happened along the way.

It sorts through the mess to give you clarity on what next steps you should take.

Stop Feeling Like You Are Stuck in the Mud with Your Marriage.

Gain the clarity and the confidence that will help you decide what to do next.

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