Decoupling Counseling

You’ve made the difficult decision to end your relationship, now what?

The choice has been made and now is the time to figure out how to move forward.  You both know you want to do this in the healthiest way possible.

You are the type of people who plan things out, intentionally, so that you get the best results. This is how you would like to end the relationship as well.

Sometimes you get stuck in your head with worry about how to do this amicably.  The children are on your mind constantly because it’s important to have the least amount of impact on them while going through this process.  Decoupling Counseling can help you do that.  

Decoupling Coaching is for couples who have made the decision to permanently separate or divorce.

Decoupling Counseling can make a HUGE difference in your relationship post-breakup.

Decoupling Counseling can help couples co-create a narrative of the breakup that doesn’t demonize or victimize either party in such a way that it will harm children or other family members.

Decoupling Counseling is a unique opportunity to minimize emotional trauma while, at the same time, providing each partner a sturdy base from which to move on.

What you’ll get in this process:

  • Clarity and confidence about how they want to proceed with the breakup.

  • A deeper understanding of what happened to the relationship.

  • An opportunity to make amends or provide clarifying information.

  • A process during which each partner’s emotional health is paramount and, if applicable, a focus is put on young or adult children in the family.

What does Decoupling Coaching involve?

Decoupling Counseling involves individual time for each partner to meet with Corrin, as well as joint sessions with both partners and Corrin.

It also involves a written understanding/agreement that no legal advice will be given and none of the information disclosed or discussed in sessions is going to be used in a divorce/legal separation proceeding.

Decouple Counseling is for those wanting to uncouple in the healthiest way.  This is for you if your goal is to prioritize the well-being of everyone, at the expense of no one.  This is for you if you realize that break-ups can be life affirming and positive, even if they are difficult. 

This is for you if you want to honor the relationship and all it created by transitioning to a new phase that allows everyone to thrive.

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