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Let me be the first to say that you do not need to get to know your spouse better during this time.  There are a lot of shaming articles saying what you should be doing during stay-at-home orders. Don't fall for the "should" traps. 

If you want to get to know your...

You might be confused about the difference between Couples Counseling (or marriage therapy) and Discernment Counseling. 

There are two main differences between Discernment Counseling and Couples Counseling.  One is who each is for and the other is what we do in the sess...

Hey Friend.

Things are pretty bad.  You can't sleep because of how awful you feel.

Your relationship is in shambles.  You can't figure out how to turn it around.  You can't figure out how you guys got here.  

You used to be happy.  You used to spend every s...

So your relationship is struggling.  

Maybe you are constantly fighting or taking small jabs at each other.  Every little thing turns into a disagreement.  It's like you can't win.

Or maybe you guys barely talk.  You are so cold and disconnected from each other...

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