About Corrin Voeller, LMFT

I help people live more relational lives.  This is through improving their relationships, sexuality and experiences.  I decided to focus on this area and really learn how to do this work effectively when I started seeing how few people are taught how to have great relationships.  Also, I love doing the work.  Relationships can get messy and complicated, especially involving sex, and I'm naturally skilled at keeping focused on the crux of the issues and helping people resolve them.  Nothing gives me more joy!  (Well, maybe popcorn. I love popcorn.) 

I honestly believe in the power of good relationships.  I teach people about how to love each other and meet each other's needs through respectful actions.  My therapy is actionable and concrete and we use real examples to start doing things differently right away.  

I am not your typical couples counselor.  I am direct, honest, funny and non-judgmental.  My clients have told me they appreciate my therapy style and get a lot out of every single session.  I use humor and metaphor, point out patterns, teach how to change outlooks and ways to communicate, and empower my clients to make huge changes.  This is not traditional marriage therapy.  We break all the old rules and really get to work to get you a better relationship.  Most of my clients have done several rounds of couples counseling before coming to me.  Here is where everything changes. 


Are you worried therapy will be weird? I hear that I'm especially good at making it comfortable for people like you.  (Read my blog post about that here.)  

*Head's up: I do tend to swear a lot so if swearing isn't for you, please let me know.*  

The nitty gritty details

I am always seeking out the newest research and training so I can offer my clients the most up-to-date practices.  I am obsessed with relationships and therapy approaches so you will frequently find me attending continuing education courses, listening to podcasts, or reading about it.  I have a certificate in Maternal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International and a De-Escalation Techniques Certificate from the Barbara Schneider Foundation. I am trained in Discernment Counseling at The Doherty Foundation.  My favorite therapy approach to use is the unique and innovative Relational Life Therapy created by Terry Real.  This style of therapy gets quick and substantive changes, especially in couples who feel stuck. 


Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked as an executive recruiter.

For those of you interested in the boring stuff, here are my credentials:

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota.  I have a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary's University and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  You can find information about regulations and statutes regarding marriage and family therapists by clicking here to go to the Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

I am an LGBTQIA+ ally. I am also poly and kink friendly.  Nothing shocks me and I'm genuinely curious about other people's lives and how I can help them. I look forward to meeting you and working together! 


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