Your marriage is failing.

Get out of this living hell now.

Don’t just save your marriage. Transform it.

Couples Counseling in Minnesota

There’s no love in her eyes anymore.

That’s if you can even get her to look at you. She’s cold, distant and cut-off from you.

Her wedding ring has been off for months and every time you see her naked finger, it’s a painful reminder of where you guys are at.

You know you aren’t perfect either.

It’s like you oscillate between two extremes of yourself. The guy who will do anything to save this marriage and the guy who is worn out and fed-up.

But the thought of living without her feels like a gut-punch.

It’s almost unimaginable to be alone. To have to start over. Just as unimaginable however, is how you will turn this relationship around.

It feels like there is too much anger, too much pain and too much resentment to ever heal it all.

You just want clarity to know if it’s possible. And if so, you just want someone to teach you guys how to do this better.

Because you know deep down, there’s still love there.

I can help.

First, we’ll figure out if you guys are able and willing to save this marriage. Then, I’ll show you how.

Together, we’ll discover where things are going off track, we’ll work to heal old wounds and create systems so that you guys don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Tackling your communication styles, creating a plan for fighting, and teaching you both how to love each other fully, will build your relationship back better than ever.  

Imagine feeling adored by your partner, like they just can’t help but touch you because they love you so much. Imagine you both cuddled up on a couch, holding each other close, laughing and enjoying the moment. Imagine when people ask how your spouse is doing, you light up and feel proud and excited to talk about them. This could be your future. 

You’re both good people and you want to make this work. You just need the steps to get there.

One of the key elements to this work is creating a partnership where you both feel understood and part of the same team.

The type of relationship where she’s happy to see you and you’d do anything for her.

If you’re honest with yourself, it’s been going downhill for quite a while now. Waiting any longer to take the first step is a risk too big to take. You might hit the point where it’s too late to save it.

Call (763) 412-6983 today, before it’s too late. Let me guide you to getting your relationship back on track.

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