Radically Transform Your Relationship Using This Mind Trick!

We all like quick fixes. We’re short on time, energy and attention so we need to know how to make massive changes as fast as possible. Using this mind trick will not only allow you to transform your relationship into the one you want but it will also work in...

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Alter Your Relationship with an Alter Ego

I’m a huge fan of creating little hacks for improving your relationship. This is going to be another “hack.” So here’s the deal. We all act like assholes sometimes. Harsh, but true. Perhaps your acting like a asshole presents itself in the...

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Why don’t they want to have more sex?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get in my work. Couples are frustrated with the loss of desire on either one or both people’s ends. What so confusing about it is that we think there should just be an underlying desire to have sex. We often...

Navigating Poly Relationships

Navigating poly relationships can have seasons of complexity. This doesn’t mean it will always be complex. There will often be times when things feel more complex as you come across something that wasn’t predicted. The best way to handle this will be to...

How do you know if you have the best therapist?

Someone asked me recently how to find the best therapist for them and I thought “damn, that’s a great question.” So I decided to make a list of points you should think about when deciding if your therapist is best for you. First, notice how I’m...